11th International Cybersecurity Symposium

“From Digital Social Security to Digital National Security: Creating trust to accomplish safety and security”


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Global Sessions (all global sessions include E/J simultaneous translation)

DAY #1

min. Content
10 Opening Satoru Tezuka, Professor, Keio University
Wen Masters, Cyber VP, MITRE
15 Remarks from Keio University Jun Murai, Distinguished Professor, Keio University
David Farber, Distinguished Professor, Co-Director, Cyber Civilization Research Center and Distinguished Professor, Keio University
Kohei Itoh, President, Keio University
20 Remarks from Japanese Government HIRAI Takuya, Former Minister of Digital Agency, Japan (Video recording as the minister)
40 Remarks from each of the governments and United Nations Raymond Greene, Charge d’Affaires, U.S. Embassy Tokyo
Helen Smith, Deputy Head of Mission, British Embassy Tokyo
Gilad Cohen, Ambassador-Designate of Israel to Japan, Embassy of Israel in Japan
Haitze Siemers, Deputy Head of the EU Delegation to Japan, Delegation of the European Union to Japan
HK Yu, Deputy Head of Mission, Australian Embassy Tokyo
Izumi Nakamitsu, Under-Secretary-General and High Representative for Disarmament Affairs, United Nations
20 Keynote Speech from Japanese Industry Nobuhiro Endo, Chairman of the Board, NEC
30 INCS-CoE Announcements David Luzzi, Chair, INCS-CoE / Vice President, Northeastern University
Avi Mendelson, Professor, IEEE Fellow, Technion, CS department, member of the Hiroshi Fujiwara Cyber Security Research Center
Howard Shrobe, MIT Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Lab
60 Keynote Panel D1-P1 Theme: Digital National Security - "MCAC: Multilateral cybersecurity Action Committee"
Moderator: Greg Rattray, Senior Research Professor, Columbia SIPA
Admiral Dennis Blair, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Masanori Nishi, Senior Advisor, Nippon Life Insurance Company & Former Administrative Vice-Minister of Defense, Japan

DAY #2

min. Content
5 Day #2 - Day of the Speech Kazuo Noguchi, Senior Researcher, Keio University
60 Speech D2-S1 D2-S1-1 Georgios LAPPAS, European Commission, Directorate-General for Communication Networks, Content and Technology
D2-S1-2 Shubha Sastry, Assistant Legal Adviser for Private International Law Office of the Legal Adviser, U.S. Department of State
D2-S1-3 Stephan Wolf, CEO, GLEIF
45 Panel D2-P1 Theme: Digital Social Security - Mutual Recognition
Moderator: Nick Pope, Expert for ETSI
Olivier Delos, Expert for ETSI
Akira Nishiyama, Representative, Future Trust Lab
Ivan Marin Santamaria, Business Development Manager, GLEIF
Andrea Valle, Senior Product Manager, Document Cloud, Adobe, and President of Cloud Signature Consortium
Hiroshi Nakatake, General representative, GLEIF-J
45 Panel D2-P2 Theme: Digital Social Security - DFFT: Data Free Flow with Trust
Moderator: Fumiko Kudo, Project Strategy Lead, World Economic Forum, Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Japan
Kimberley Botwright, Community Lead, Global Trade and Investment, World Economic Forum
HARADA Takashi, Director, Service Trade Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan
IIDA Yoichi, Deputy Director General for G7 and G20 Relations, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Japan
Tadashi Kaji, Senior Chief Researcher, Research & Development Group, Hitachi, Ltd.

DAY #3

min. Content
5 Day #3 - Day of the Speech Barbara Grewe, Senior Principal for International Strategy and Policy, MITRE
20 Speech D3-S1 D3-S1-1 Richard Struse, Director, The Center for Threat-Informed Defense, MITRE
20 Speech D3-S2 D3-S2-1 John Fitzpatrick, Orbis Operations
40 Panel D3-P1 Theme: Digital National Security - Security Clearance
Moderator: John Fitzpatrick
Nobukatsu Kanehara, Faculty of Law Department of Political Science, Doshisha University
Linton Wells, George Mason University
20 Speech D3-S3 D3-S3-1 David Temoshok, NIST
45 Panel D3-P2 Theme: Digital Identity
Moderator: Kenneth Myers, Chief Federal Identity, Credential, and Access Management (FICAM) Architect, Office of Government-Wide Policy, General Services Administration
Judith Spenser, PMA Chair at Certipath Inc.
Julie Snyder, Principal/Privacy Domain Capability Area Lead, MITRE
Soshi Hamaguchi, Senior Researcher, Keio University

DAY #4

min. Content
5 Day #4 - Day of the Speech Barbara Grewe
20 Keynote Speech - Digital Agency, Japan D4-S1 Koichi Akaishi, Vice-Minister for Digital Policy
45 Panel D4-P1 Theme: International Digital Strategy in each and among countries with Trust
Moderator: Jun Murai, Distinguished Professor, Keio University
Koichi Akaishi
Barbara Grewe
Jenny Hall, Deputy Director, International Data Unit, UK Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS)
30 Session D4-G1 CISCO
Theme: Threat Actors and Ransomware Trends from the Talos Report
Speaker: Shigeru Kimura, Technical Architect, Evangelist, CISCO
30 Session D4-G2 Trend Micro
Theme: The Power of Actionable Threat Intelligence: How Organizations Reduce the Risk of Cyber Attacks
- Ed Cabrera, Chief Cybersecurity Officer, Trend Micro
- Tomohiro Iida, Senior Director, Threat Intelligence Center, Cyber Security Institute, Trend Micro
30 Session D4-G3 Adobe
Theme: Contents Authenticity Initiative(CAI)
Speaker: Andy Parsons, Director, Contents Authenticity Initiative(CAI), Adobe
30 Session D4-G4 Northrop Grumman
Theme: Using the Open Source Controls Assessment Language (OSCAL) for Sharing International Cybersecurity Best Practices
Speaker: Phillip Bridgham, Sr. Staff Cognitive Software Engineer, Northrop Grumman
30 Session D4-G5 ACCJ/AFCEA/BSA
Theme: How the Private Sector Impacts Japan's National Security and What to Do About it.
Moderator: Scott Warren, ACCJ – Vice Chair of the Secure Digital Infrastructure Committee
Jared Ragland, BSA - Senior Director, Policy – APAC
Scott Jarkoff, AFCEA TOKYO - Executive Vice President
James Miller, ACCJ, Co-Chair of the Digital Transformation Committee

DAY #5

min. Content
5 Day #5 - Day of the Speech Kazuo Noguchi
Speeches from Japanese Government D5-S1
15 D5-S1-1: YOSHIKAWA Tetsushi, National center of Incident readiness and Strategy for Cybersecurity, Cabinet Secretariat (NISC)
15 D5-S1-2: MAKIGUCHI Eiji, Director-General for Cybersecurity, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC)
15 D5-S1-3: EGUCHI Junichi, Deputy Director-General for Cybersecurity and Information Technology, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)
15 D5-S1-4: ARIMA Yutaka, Ambassador in charge of Cyber Policy, Deputy Assistant Minister, Deputy Director-General, Foreign Policy Bureau (MOFA)
15 D5-S1-5: WATANABE Sonoko, Minister of Education Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT)
15 D5-S1-6: KAWAHARA Jumpei, Director-General, National Police Agency (NPA)
15 D5-S1-7: UEDA Koji, Defense Councilor for Cyber Security and Information Technology Management (MoD)
15 D5-S1-8: FUKUURA Yusuke, Secretary General, Personal Information Protection Commission (PPC)
45 Special Panel D5-P1 Theme: Cyber Dialogue - Keio CCRC-Columbia SIPA, "Human Element of Cyber Crisis"
Moderator: Jun Murai, Distinguished Professor, Keio University
Panelists: Akira Saka, CISO, the Digital Agency Japan, & CISO, The Tokyo Organising Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games
Chris Krebs, Former Director, Department of Homeland Security's Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)
Greg Rattray, Partner/Co-Founder Next Peak & Senior Research Professor at Columbia University
Commentator: David Farber, Distinguished Professor, Keio University
15 Final Closing Barbara Grewe, Senior Principal for International Strategy and Policy, MITRE
Jun Murai, Distinguished Professor, Keio University

Japan Sessions (conducted in Japanese)

DAY #2

min. Content
60 D2-S1 Hitachi
Theme: Discussion for ensuring product security by PSIRT and for the future.
Moderator: Hiroyuki Chiba (Chief Engineer, Security Business Innovation Division, Hitachi, Ltd.)
- Keigo Hanaoka (Director, Cyber Security Technology Dept. Corporate Information Security Div., Mitsubishielectric Corporation)
- Koichi Kakuta (Director,Cyber Security Technology Operations HIRT(Hitachi Incident Response Team) Center, Hitachi,Ltd.)
- Hiroyuki Higaki (Senier Engineer, IoT & Cloud Services Business Division, Hitachi, Ltd.)
60 D2-S2 TSF
Theme: Celebrating the establishment of the Digital Agency! Expectations for the realization of DFFT
Moderator:Koichi Shibata (General Manager,Seiko Solutions Inc./Steering Committee Chair, Japan Trust Service Forum)
- Satoshi Ijichi (Japan Data Communications Association)
- Kazuya Miyazaki (Vice-President, Japan Trust Service Forum/Leader, Electronic Signature Working Group, Japan Network Security Association )
- Akihiro Odajima (Deputy Manager, TEIKOKU DATABANK, LTD.)
- Soshi Hamaguchi (Director, Cosmos Corporation/Secretary, Japan Trust Service Forum)
60 D2-S3 Keidanren
Theme: Toward the realization of cybersecurity by all
ModeratorToshinori Kajiura (Chair, Cyber Security Enhancement Working Group, KEIDANREN)
- Hiroshi Taniguchi (CISA, CISSP, CRISC General Manager, Digital Risk Management Office, TEPCO-SIRT Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc.)
- Masato Kimura (Vice President, Security and Trust Office, Technology Planning Department, NTT)

DAY #3

min. Content
60 D3-S1 NEC
Theme: Secure Multiparty Computation, Rise Or Fall
Moderator:Jun Furukawa (Senior Principal Researcher, NEC Corporation)
- Benny Pinkas (Professor, Bar-Ilan University, Israel)
- Peeter Laud (Senior Researcher, Cybernetica, Estonia)
- Nuttapong Attrapadung (Research Team Leader, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan)
60 D3-S2 JASA
Theme: ISMS and Cyber Security measures
Moderator:Kenjiro Serikawa (Secretary General, Japan Security Audit Association)
- Akihiro Todama (Expert, Fujitsu Limited Network&Security service business)
- Isao Okada (General Manager, NEC Corporation Cyber Security Division)
- Hiroshi Kurita (Senior Manager, Hitachi, Ltd. Information Security Risk Management Division)
- Kazushi Murase (Chief Director, Japan Samurai Association)
60 D3-S3 5GMF
Theme: Security on 5G Use cases
Moderator: Toshiaki Tanaka (Professor, Graduate school of information Science University of Hyogo)
- Takashi Kawano (Senior Engineer, Hitachi, Ltd.)
- Kazuhiko Ishii (Manager, NTT DOCOMO, Inc.)

DAY #4

min. Content
60 D4-S2 JCIC
Theme: Digital Natives Talk about Cybersecurity Half a Decade from Now
Moderator:Toshihiro Hirayama (Visiting Fellow, Japan Cybersecurity Innovation Committee; Professor, i-University)
- Kazunori Furusawa (Senior Fellow, Japan Cybersecurity Innovation Committee)
- Kayo Hasegawa (Senior Trainer, CyberSecurity Institute, Trend Micro Incorporated.)
- Takuya Hida (Senior Fellow, Japan Cybersecurity Innovation Committee)
- Takao Kondo (Assistant Professor, Computer Security Incident Response Team, Keio University)
- Takashi Watanabe (Deputy Director, Cybersecurity Division, Commerce and Information Policy Bureau, METI)
60 D4-S3 RISC-V
Theme: Technologies and standards for building trust with remote devices
Moderator: Shinichi Miyazawa (Research Engineer, Specialist, Intelligent Systems Laboratory, SECOM CO., LTD.)
- Kohei Isobe (Research Engineer, Intelligent Systems Laboratory, SECOM CO., LTD.)
- Akira Tsukamoto (Senior Researcher, Cyber Physical Security Research Center, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST))
- Ken Takayama (Research Engineer, Intelligent Systems Laboratory, SECOM CO., LTD.)
- Kuniyasu Suzaki (Senior Researcher, Cyber Physical Security Research Center, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST))

DAY #5

min. Content
60 D5-S1 JDTF
"Theme: Policy Trends and Advocation on Trust Services-How should the Trust be involved in promoting DX?"
Moderator:Akira Nishiyama (Representative, Future Trust Lab)
- Hiroshi Miyauchi (Lawyer, Miyauchi・Mizumachi IT Law-office)
- Toru Yamauchi (Managing Director, JIPDEC)
- Koichi Shibata (General Manager, Seiko Solutions)
- Taishu Ota (Senior evangelist, Fujitsu)
60 D5-S2 DSA
Theme: Data usage rights trading enables real DFFT
Moderator: Hiroshi Mano (Secretary General, Data Society Alliance)
- Fumiko Kudo (Project Strategy Lead, World Economic Forum Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Japan)
- Yoichiro Itakura (Attorney at Law in Japan (Partner, Hikari Sogoh Law Offices))
- Akiyoshi Maruyama (Executive director, TaoTao Inc.)

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